Microsoft announced the launch of “Surface Pro LTE Advanced”

By Tomokazu Kizawa - Last updated: Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Microsoft held a “future Decorded” event in London. released a model with LTE module on Surface Pro. The product name is Surface Pro LTE Advanced.

Surface Pro LTE Advanced will be released in December. The next day’s announcement was Japan. The product reservation starts on November 1.The release date is December 8.

The LTE communication module corresponds to “UE Category 9”.The SIM slot is located under Surface Pro’s microSD memory card slot. LTE communication speed can 450Mbps the maximum communication speed. Most of the devices used in the past are “UE Category 6” and the maximum communication speed was 300Mbps. The LTE band has 20 bands.
It also supports carrier aggregation.

LTE modem chip employs Qualcomm’s Snapdragon x16.The maximum spec for a single modem chip can be 1gbps.
There are two kinds of LTE antennas, and we are waiting in low power when we are not communicating normally. Communicate with full power at the time of consultation such as e-mail.

Model will be released two species.

The product lineup only has a core i5 processor. Processor does not exist Core i7 and core M3. Core i7 is equipped with an air-cooled fan. Surface Pro LTE advanced includes an LTE module where air-cooled fans enter. Perhaps, because the air-cooled fan and the LTE module cannot be put at the same time, I think that there is no Core i7 model.

This announcement is for sale only for corporations. There was no release announcement for the consuer market. Previously, Microsoft was launching Surface 3 with LTE modules for the private market. The communication carrier in the Japan is SoftBank Mobile. I expect Microsoft to launch surface Pro LTE advanced for the consuer market.

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Windows Shortcut key (Windows logo key)

By Tomokazu Kizawa - Last updated: Friday, January 2, 2015

Stive Balmer said “Touch Touch Touch Touch Touch Touch and Touch!!”.But, I use shortcutkey in Windows operation.Very useful.In this article I write about keyboard shortcuts.


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[Windows] How you move the window back to its original position immediately

By Tomokazu Kizawa - Last updated: Sunday, December 1, 2013

I want when working in Windows open window on screen "from looking at another window, rejecting the front window just a little soon to undo ‘ case.

For example in this case. Tucked under while editing a document in Word, IE window wanted to see.


Drop and drag the window in this way. How to switch Windows. However, such an intuitive operation.


Drop and drag window position.




It is annoying!!


An introduction of methods which I often use. Drag the title bar of the window, here mouse button hold (i.e. don’t drop it).


Working this way look kinda under the IE screen and wanted to return to the Word window.



Press the ESC key!


Window is restored and original position!


Is it just that is surprising and useful. Give it a try.

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[Windows 8] How to Windows 8 Complete Shutdown

By Tomokazu Kizawa - Last updated: Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Windows 8/8.1’s default state shut down is not Completely shut down.One thing can start faster next time to Hibernate.Kernel to disk image.

If hardware changes and behavior are unstable and completely shut down the start and you want to how to do a complete shutdown. Of course I usually don’t need. Is there some way to completely shut down the way, introducing them one thing here. (I’m sorry. Japan language display screen only.

  1. Out the charm. (Press the Windows key + c in key operations.
  2. Click Setting.
  3. Click Power.
  4. Click “Shut down” with press “SHIFT” Key.

In this PC will shut down completely.

Also the screen like below and select the reboot while holding down the SHIFT key in the above 4 comes out. Even here, click turn off PC can be shut down.


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[Surface] How to take a screen shot of the surface

By Tomokazu Kizawa - Last updated: Sunday, November 24, 2013

It is how to take a screenshot on the surface.Surface keyboard (Touch Cover and Cover Type together) is equivalent to the Print Screen key is not.If you take screen shots takes the method described below.

Surface touch-sensitive Windows logo mark.Windows logo and the side volume button (-) press at the same time.It is at the same time press the timing difficult.Hold the Windows mark first with your fingers.The volume buttons (-) press.

If you like this will work.

An instant dark screen to return to the original. You can then screen shot.

Screen shots are saved where?Screenshot saved in the screen shot folder in pictures folder .


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Blog Start!!

By Tomokazu Kizawa - Last updated: Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hello! I am Tomokazu Kizawa.

I live in Japan.My Work is software enginner at electronics companies of Japan.


I deliver podcasts about Microsoft Technology and products.(in japanese)Podcast program deliver every week.

I am awarded the Microsoft MVP.MVP category is Windows Expert IT-Pro.

I introduced at the site of the Microsoft MVP Spotlights.


This blog provides Microsoft product and technology topics.I will speak also in the Japan market circumstances.

Best regards to you all!

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