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Windows Shortcut key (Windows logo key)

By Tomokazu Kizawa - Last updated: Friday, January 2, 2015

Stive Balmer said “Touch Touch Touch Touch Touch Touch and Touch!!”.But, I use shortcutkey in Windows operation.Very useful.In this article I write about keyboard shortcuts.   Windows(Logo Key) + L This keyboard shortcut to lock screen. Windows(Logo Key) + D Close all Window.And display the desktop. Windows(Logo Key) + , (Commna) Hide all window. Outline of the windows to appear dimmed. If release Windows logo key, window appear again. Windows(Logo Key) + . (Period) and right cursor key or left cursor key Window Snap view right or left.

[Windows] How you move the window back to its original position immediately

By Tomokazu Kizawa - Last updated: Sunday, December 1, 2013

I want when working in Windows open window on screen "from looking at another window, rejecting the front window just a little soon to undo ‘ case. For example in this case. Tucked under while editing a document in Word, IE window wanted to see. Drop and drag the window in this way. How to switch Windows. However, such an intuitive operation. Drop and drag window position.     It is annoying!!   An introduction of methods which I often use. Drag the title bar of the window, here mouse button hold (i.e. don’t drop it).   Working this way look kinda under the IE screen and wanted to return […]

[Windows 8] How to Windows 8 Complete Shutdown

By Tomokazu Kizawa - Last updated: Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Windows 8/8.1’s default state shut down is not Completely shut down.One thing can start faster next time to Hibernate.Kernel to disk image. If hardware changes and behavior are unstable and completely shut down the start and you want to how to do a complete shutdown. Of course I usually don’t need. Is there some way to completely shut down the way, introducing them one thing here. (I’m sorry. Japan language display screen only. Out the charm. (Press the Windows key + c in key operations. Click Setting. Click Power. Click “Shut down” with press “SHIFT” Key. In this PC will shut down completely. Also the screen like below and select […]