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Microsoft announced the launch of “Surface Pro LTE Advanced”

By Tomokazu Kizawa - Last updated: Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Microsoft held a “future Decorded” event in London. released a model with LTE module on Surface Pro. The product name is Surface Pro LTE Advanced. Surface Pro LTE Advanced will be released in December. The next day’s announcement was Japan. The product reservation starts on November 1.The release date is December 8. The LTE communication module corresponds to “UE Category 9”.The SIM slot is located under Surface Pro’s microSD memory card slot. LTE communication speed can 450Mbps the maximum communication speed. Most of the devices used in the past are “UE Category 6” and the maximum communication speed was 300Mbps. The LTE band has 20 bands. It also supports carrier […]

[Surface] How to take a screen shot of the surface

By Tomokazu Kizawa - Last updated: Sunday, November 24, 2013

It is how to take a screenshot on the surface.Surface keyboard (Touch Cover and Cover Type together) is equivalent to the Print Screen key is not.If you take screen shots takes the method described below. Surface touch-sensitive Windows logo mark.Windows logo and the side volume button (-) press at the same time.It is at the same time press the timing difficult.Hold the Windows mark first with your fingers.The volume buttons (-) press. If you like this will work. An instant dark screen to return to the original. You can then screen shot. Screen shots are saved where?Screenshot saved in the screen shot folder in pictures folder .